Amish-style Sugar Cookies

So, I have this great idea for this blog, and I’m so anxious to get started, but I need to sort through my grandma’s recipe box and figure out what I’m going to post first. It’s a little bit overwhelming! But then it occurred to me that over on my other blog, I wrote a while ago about making sugar cookies in the Amish or Pennyslvania Dutch style, the same as both of my grandmas made.

Hop on over to my other blog and check out that post – it even includes photos – and promise me you’ll send me a dozen if you end up making them because they are soooo good.

3 thoughts on “Amish-style Sugar Cookies

  1. can you please look in gramma’s recipes and see if she made those cookies that were filled with a walnut filling and rolled to crescent shape? Then they were dusted with powdered sugar. My mother made them, we lived in Chester co, but my grandmother grew up with big dutch influence. i wish i knew how to make them.

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