Aunt May’s “Carmel Corn”

I made caramel corn on New Year's Eve. I knew I had this recipe in my card box, and while I remember making it many years ago, I used it as inspiration and modified it - and it was great.     This card makes me giggle - first, other than in crossword puzzles, you … Continue reading Aunt May’s “Carmel Corn”

Remembering Mom’s cooking

In response to my recent update and reposting of the post about my grandma's butter brickle, my mom emailed me to say how much she enjoyed re-reading it and remembering both her mother-in-law and the delicious things she made. I replied that there's just something about food¬†that evokes strong memories. Mom replied:¬† Last summer I … Continue reading Remembering Mom’s cooking

Seven Layer Salad

This is an extreme close-up of what we have come to call Seven Layer Salad. Actually, my version has more than seven layers, but that is how we originally came to know it. It consists of layers of healthy vegetables topped with less-healthy but extra-delicious layers of tasty goodness. This recipe came to our family … Continue reading Seven Layer Salad

Homemade Ice Cream

This is a photograph of my dad, my grandfather, and my great uncle Roy, circa the late 1970s, all crouched around an electric ice cream freezer in our kitchen. It was undoubedly winter, not only because of Uncle Roy's stylish plaid wool trousers and Pappy's V-neck sweater, but also because I remember that we would … Continue reading Homemade Ice Cream