Grandmamma Boyd’s Favorite Pound Cake

This is not my grandma's recipe, but Steve's. Her pound cake is the stuff of Boyd family legend. Her recipe was published in “A Cook’s Tour of Athens”, compiled by the Junior Assembly of Athens, Georgia, 1963. The “Cakes and Frostings” section of the cookbook is announced with a photograph of the “new Coliseum...with its … Continue reading Grandmamma Boyd’s Favorite Pound Cake

Sour Cherry Pie

This recipe for Sour Cherry Pie is adapted from two separate recipes that appear in the Pennsylvania State Grange Cookbook, 1972: One recipe for the pie filling, and another recipe for the pie crust. None of the recipes included the full how-to on all the steps one must take in order to create a sour … Continue reading Sour Cherry Pie

Chex Mix (the original)

THIS IS NOT my grandma's recipe, nor is it my mother's recipe. It's a recipe designed by a giant manufacturer of breakfast cereal in order to sell even more cereal. But it's kind of a classic, and I remember my mom making it around this time of year, so I'm sharing it here. But first, … Continue reading Chex Mix (the original)

Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)

Evidently, I've been calling these small bits of bread by the wrong name for my entire life. I have always called them rolls, but now I'm told that the rest of the world calls them buns. When I crowd-sourced it, consensus was that if you put meat on it, like for a sandwich or a … Continue reading Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)

Sausage and 15-Bean Soup

You guys: I don't like to brag, but I made some really great soup over the weekend. I just threw it together (if you've been reading me for a while, you know that's just what I do). You should probably make this before Winter's over - it's supreme comfort in a bowl.  You can't be in … Continue reading Sausage and 15-Bean Soup