Sweet, sweet corn

Today, over on Soup Is Not A Finger Food, I captured my memories in writing of putting up corn in August in Central PA, a hundred thirty years ago. Go, check it out!


I’m still here!

Hey y’all (doing my best Paula Deen imitation) –

Just checking in to say, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I just haven’t made time to post anything new. I still have a handful of recipes to post from my grandmothers’ recipe boxes. Once I get through those, I may shift to posting some of my own greatest hits.

Anyway – please keep checking back, because I will post again soon.  Until then, if you’re dying to read other stuff that I’ve written, visit me at Soup Is Not A Finger Food, my other blog that has absolutely nothing to do with soup. Or food.  But it’s funny, often, so go check it out! See you there.