Sour Cherry Pie

This recipe for Sour Cherry Pie is adapted from two separate recipes that appear in the Pennsylvania State Grange Cookbook, 1972: One recipe for the pie filling, and another recipe for the pie crust. None of the recipes included the full how-to on all the steps one must take in order to create a sour … Continue reading Sour Cherry Pie


I could write a long post about Grandma Sara's jelly, but it wouldn't include an actual recipe. I have never made jelly myself. When I was a kid, and into adulthood, Grandma Sara kept us well-supplied with her delicious homemade jelly. We rarely if ever purchased grocery-store jelly. Grandma Sara always had jars of jelly … Continue reading Jelly

My Grandma’s Recipe Box

I started this blog intending to methodically document and share recipes from my Grandma Sara's recipe box. I inherited it not long after she died - which was in 2005. And, while I've plucked a few gems from its collection, I must admit that I found it a bit intimidating: Look at it. It's packed … Continue reading My Grandma’s Recipe Box

Chex Mix (the original)

THIS IS NOT my grandma's recipe, nor is it my mother's recipe. It's a recipe designed by a giant manufacturer of breakfast cereal in order to sell even more cereal. But it's kind of a classic, and I remember my mom making it around this time of year, so I'm sharing it here. But first, … Continue reading Chex Mix (the original)

Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)

Evidently, I've been calling these small bits of bread by the wrong name for my entire life. I have always called them rolls, but now I'm told that the rest of the world calls them buns. When I crowd-sourced it, consensus was that if you put meat on it, like for a sandwich or a … Continue reading Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)