I could write a long post about Grandma Sara's jelly, but it wouldn't include an actual recipe. I have never made jelly myself. When I was a kid, and into adulthood, Grandma Sara kept us well-supplied with her delicious homemade jelly. We rarely if ever purchased grocery-store jelly. Grandma Sara always had jars of jelly … Continue reading Jelly

My Grandma’s Recipe Box

I started this blog intending to methodically document and share recipes from my Grandma Sara's recipe box. I inherited it not long after she died - which was in 2005. And, while I've plucked a few gems from its collection, I must admit that I found it a bit intimidating: Look at it. It's packed … Continue reading My Grandma’s Recipe Box

Chex Mix (the original)

THIS IS NOT my grandma's recipe, nor is it my mother's recipe. It's a recipe designed by a giant manufacturer of breakfast cereal in order to sell even more cereal. But it's kind of a classic, and I remember my mom making it around this time of year, so I'm sharing it here. But first, … Continue reading Chex Mix (the original)

Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)

Evidently, I've been calling these small bits of bread by the wrong name for my entire life. I have always called them rolls, but now I'm told that the rest of the world calls them buns. When I crowd-sourced it, consensus was that if you put meat on it, like for a sandwich or a … Continue reading Sandwich Rolls (Buns) (Whatever)

Sausage and 15-Bean Soup

You guys: I don't like to brag, but I made some really great soup over the weekend. I just threw it together (if you've been reading me for a while, you know that's just what I do). You should probably make this before Winter's over - it's supreme comfort in a bowl.  You can't be in … Continue reading Sausage and 15-Bean Soup

Aunt May’s “Carmel Corn”

I made caramel corn on New Year's Eve. I knew I had this recipe in my card box, and while I remember making it many years ago, I used it as inspiration and modified it - and it was great.     This card makes me giggle - first, other than in crossword puzzles, you … Continue reading Aunt May’s “Carmel Corn”

Scalloped (sort of) Potatoes

It isn't news that I love potatoes cooked almost any way possible. I like them baked, pan-fried, mashed, hash-browned, French-fried, chips, cubed & roasted, or mixed with cheese and baked. Yesterday, I made another favorite potato dish to go with my Easter ham: It's a scalloped potato casserole. Or, kind of. I've I've been throwing … Continue reading Scalloped (sort of) Potatoes