Chicken in Sour Cream Mushroom Sauce

This one is a go-to easy baked chicken dish that I first enjoyed thanks to my mom's friend Bill in the early 1990s. I loved it so much that I immediately adopted it as my own and have modified it somewhat. It was in heavy rotation for many years in my kitchen. I remember telling … Continue reading Chicken in Sour Cream Mushroom Sauce

Dried Beef Appetizer Pie

THIS WAS MY GO-TO dish for many years and I don't know why I've gotten away from it. I don't remember who gave it to me, but I vaguely recall being at some party and tasting it and insisting the hostess share her recipe with me.  (If you remember giving it to me, please let … Continue reading Dried Beef Appetizer Pie

Cheese Potato Casserole

ALL CREDIT FOR THIS ONE goes to my mom. This cheesy potato concoction was so beloved that for the family gatherings of my youth, one only needed to say that Rosie was bringing "her potato casserole" and everyone knew what was coming, and that it meant we were having "the ham meal", and to save … Continue reading Cheese Potato Casserole

Pennsylvania-style Barbecue Sandwiches

One of the most thoughtful bridal shower gifts I received was a hand-painted recipe box from my cousin Rita. Tucked inside was a collection of recipes she had gathered from women "in the valley" where I grew up. I was browsing through my recipe cards the other day and came across this one: She attributed … Continue reading Pennsylvania-style Barbecue Sandwiches

Pecan Tassies

IT WASN'T CHRISTMAS until my mom cranked out a batch of these delicious, mini-pecan pie pastries. These have long been one of my favorite cookies, which you can tell from looking at the recipe card: (What I don't know is why there's a tiny part of the corner cut out. Why would I - or … Continue reading Pecan Tassies

Grapefruit gumdrops

I DON'T KNOW whether I'll have time to churn out a batch or two of these delicious gumdrops before Christmas, but I've made them in the past and they are delicious. I got the original recipe from, and while the coconut ones look yummy, the grapefruit variation is what caught my eye. I thought … Continue reading Grapefruit gumdrops