Apricot Kolachi (Kolache)

THIS IS NOT technically my grandma's recipe, but I still consider it a traditional one in my family. This one is was introduced to me by my cousin, Linda, with whom I was fortunate to have shared Grandma Losch.  It's a cream cheese and butter pastry with apricot filling, and lots and lots of powdered … Continue reading Apricot Kolachi (Kolache)

Judy McCormick’s Pepper Slaw

She's not my grandma, but she is the grandmother of my kids, and that qualifies her to contribute a featured recipe to my blog.  Judy - the kids call her Bammy J - is my husband's mother.  Her recipe for pepper slaw (or pepper cabbage) is perfect. The finished product reminds me of the version … Continue reading Judy McCormick’s Pepper Slaw

Pig Stomach (Hog Maw)

  I don't actually have my grandma's recipe for this, so I turned to The Internet to find one. And I got really lucky! Here are a couple of sites that have good descriptions and recipes for this traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe: Teri's Kitchen - she has a great recipe for Pig's Stomach that looks … Continue reading Pig Stomach (Hog Maw)

Angel food cake

Moms love to cook for their sons and I am no exception. My own boys love some of the things I make - chicken pot pie, for one - and you'd  better believe that's the stuff that's in heavy rotation now. My own dad's mom was no exception - she made this Angel Food Cake … Continue reading Angel food cake