Angel food cake

Moms love to cook for their sons and I am no exception. My own boys love some of the things I make - chicken pot pie, for one - and you'd ¬†better believe that's the stuff that's in heavy rotation now. My own dad's mom was no exception - she made this Angel Food Cake … Continue reading Angel food cake

Party planning

I was digging through Grandma Sara's recipe box to find something good to share. It seems that the recipes that impressed her most were for desserts. There are cookies, cakes, pies galore.¬† Also, a good number of casseroles... but mostly sweets. I've selected a couple to share in the coming weeks. I also found two … Continue reading Party planning

Molasses Cookies

It was the rare visit to Grandma Sara's house when there wasn't a plate of cookies to share, and if there wasn't, profuse apologies would ensue. Molasses Cookies were in Grandma Sara's heavy rotation. In fact, I have three separate recipe cards in her handwriting, and I remember asking her to write it for me … Continue reading Molasses Cookies

Grandma Sara’s Butter Brickle

Here's one you'll want to add to your holiday cooking list, and I recommend you plan on making a double batch because it goes fast. This is Grandma Sara's butter brickle, or English toffee. She made it every year at Christmastime, and a batch of this, placed in a special piece of crockery, was the … Continue reading Grandma Sara’s Butter Brickle

Amish-style Sugar Cookies

So, I have this great idea for this blog, and I'm so anxious to get started, but I need to sort through my grandma's recipe box and figure out what I'm going to post first. It's a little bit overwhelming! But then it occurred to me that over on my other blog, I wrote a … Continue reading Amish-style Sugar Cookies